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Better Ways to Say Thank You in English (32 New Expressions)

Learn how to say thank you in English the same way native speakers do so you can sound natural in English and advance your vocabulary.

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Better Ways to Say I Don't Know in English at Work

Has this happened to you at work: a colleague asks a question and you SHOULD know the answer… but you don’t.

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When someone says ‘thank you,’ you don’t have to restrict your answer to ‘you’re welcome.’ Here are some better options for how to respond to ‘thank you’

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How to respond to congratulations for pregnancy is different from the one for passing an exam, how to respond in different situations to show your thanks?

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If you want to stay in the know on more effective and impactful ways to say to "I don't know," look no further.

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There are many ways to say no. Use this list to learn 6 ways to say no in English.

Some people say that punishment is the best way to teach children ...

Few individuals contend that penalties are the most efficient way to discipline youngsters, whereas opponents argue that appreciations are more helpful.

Way To Say Goodnight? | BetterHelp

Try these cute ways on how to say good night to spice up even the simplest things.

time ...

Many companies sell products or services but at the same time cause environmental damage.